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AM 10:00 - AM 10:50 AM 11:00 - AM 11:50
PM 01:00 - PM 01:50 PM 02:00 - PM 02:50
PM 03:00 - PM 03:50 PM 04:00 - PM 04:50
PM 05:00 - PM 05:50 PM 07:00 - PM 07:50
PM 08:00 - PM 08:50  

* Climbing time 50 minutes/Opens at every O'clock/Simultaneous entering and leaving/20 people can climb at the same time.
* On every Tuesday and Thursday, it opens at 10 AM and closes at 8 PM.

  Regular Ice Climbing Class Weekend Class AM/PM
Special Class One Day Experience
Total Lesson
20 hours 8 hours 12 hours 3 hours
Lesson Period 4 Weeks   After Council One Day
Week/Time Tuesday
User's Choice Frequent
Fixed Trainee Over Ten Over Five Two Over Two
Tuition Fee KRW200000 KRW100000 KRW200000 KRW50000
Distinction Regular course for novices. They can learn the basis of ice climbing and scale the highest indoor ice climbing wall in the world. Short course for salary persons. They can exercise on every Saturday Intensive course focusing on the trainees' level. Experiencing course for staffs of company and group training.
Remarks In case of absence and unfailingness, supplementary lessons added. As to individual schedule, changing lesson time possible. After previous council with instructor, trainees can choose convenient time. Including equipments rental fee.
Over 10 members, 10% DC.
Package price relating with indoor sports climbing experience is possible.

* Free use KRW10000 per hour. Possible only at no lesson time period. After 6 PM on
  every Tuesday and Thursday, free use impossible.
* Through O2 World homepage, you can find opening days of each classes.
* It opens at 10 AM and closes at 9 PM.(On weekend closes 8 PM)
* The average temperature of indoor ice climbing gym is minus five degrees in celsius.
  Every trainees should prepare winter clothes, caps and gloves.
* Ice climbing equipments rental is possible at reasonable price.
* Solo climber should learn how to use 'Sinchi' before climbing eight-meter high sub walls.
* When trainees of every classes buy climbing gears, discount service at friendship  
  price is given.
* Enquiry : Rock&Ice Climbing Management Team/(02)908-8920

  Gears 대여요금 비고
Partial Climbing Boots 3000  
Ice Axes 4000 2 EA
Helmet 2000  
Crampon 3000  
Pile Jacket 2000  
Pile Pants 1000  
Gloves 1000  
Harness 1000 Including descender
Total 13000

Before climbing, every user should read Safety Rules of Indoor Ice Climbing Gym,
  The Ice Palace, and make out Admission Form and Exemption Consent Document.
Every beginners should climb with experienced one. Or previous climbing lesson is essential.
Solo climbing is not permitted by any means.
Every user should choose reasonable grade of climbing route as to their ability.
Before climbing, every user should do enough stretching in order to prevent injury.
Every climber should use certificated gears. Correct wearing and management is
  essential for your safety. In case of breakage and loss, please remember it's user's responsibility.
Every user should be identified by O2 World climbing manager in case of their first scaling.
Top climber and belayer should confirm mutually their own correct equipments wearing,
  rope knots and running belays. In every scaling, correct climbing signals should be used.
Every climber should always connect their rope knots directly to harness.
  Rope connection by carabiner is prohibited.
Belayer should not sit down or not lie down when they are doing belay activity.
Belayer should control slow descending of climber. Sudden descending is strictly prohibited.
In case of finding broken or loose holds, damaged climbing board and gears, please
  tell managers soon.
Every one should always wear helmet in the ice climbing gym.
Wearing and taking off crampons should be done only in the ice climbing gym.
Extra gears should be kept ready at appointed place for other trainees' safety.
Only top roping style climbing is permitted except unavoidable case.
Climbing should be done in turn by manager's order.
  Simultaneous climbing can cause destruction of ice wall and artificial holds.
For the purpose of other user's safety, manager can order leaving or halt of climbing
  when user's skill is not correct, inexperienced or in case of acting contrary to safety rules.